The Three Main Factors Influencing The Bathroom Renovating Timeframe

Many customers ask us how long bathroom renovating will take, as they are eager to get back to their regular routine. The fact of the matter is that the process is dependent on your renovation decisions and how much time it will take us to handle the various aspects. Keep in mind that the timing is dependent on your plans and there are three main factors involved, which include tapware and tile selections, unexpected complications in the renovation process and any additional services during the bathroom remodel that you may request.

  1. Out of stock tapware and tile choices

    Whilst we endeavour to make sure everything our customers want is available and in stock ready for the bathroom renovating process, it’s an unfortunate fact of life that sometimes thing are just unavailable. We try our best to find alternative sources for items, but the supplier sources often fixtures and fittings internationally. Whilst it’s perfectly acceptable for our customers to rechoose taps and tiles in the event of unavailability, we also understand that when you find the perfect item for your bathroom you may not want to compromise. We are perfectly happy to work around this, but it will cause delays – while we try our best to source these items and speed up the transit of them, in many cases we are just unable to make things arrive any faster. This can cause delays to your bathroom remodel that is anywhere in the range of a few days to a few weeks. However we make sure that we keep our clients informed of any further information or dates as soon as we become aware of them.

  2. Unexpected complications during bathroom renovating

    As with any construction work, unexpected discoveries can create additional delays in the process of a bathroom remodel. Sometimes it is simply a leaking pipe that will cause a day or two of delays whilst a plumber is called in to see to the drip – an easy fix. Other times, more serious structural damage may be found. Examples may be significant cracking of the floor slab, deep damp and rot in the walls or, in extreme cases, serious degradation or rot of the sub floor structure. In cases where structural integrity is affected, the appropriate expert will need to be brought in to approve work or outline the requirements for council approval. Fortunately, our long experience in bathroom renovating allows us to make intelligent observations of any job sites we quote for, and any major problems are generally apparent from the get go.

  3. Additional services and renovations

    When we begin a project, we have an outline of the job and the job requirements set out and planned according to a calendar. This ensures that we manage our time effectively and can complete your project with limited delays and within the thirty day practical completion guarantee we offer. We understand that after seeing your bathroom remodel half complete you may have additional requests for work, such as painting, additional tiling or window replacements. Whilst we work with efficient and experienced sub-contractors, these additional works will often require an extension of time to your project. Rest assured that any projected delay in your completion date, regardless of the reason, would be communicated to you so you are aware of the status of your bathroom renovating project.

There are many reasons why a project may be delayed, and many of these reasons are unfortunately uncontrollable. However, we try our best to make the process as smooth as possible in every way, as well as keeping our clients fully informed of all developments and delays and projected completion dates. At WA Bathrooms, we want our customers happy with their end result and to have avoided as much inconvenience as possible during the bathroom remodel process.

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Top 5 Cost Considerations for Bathroom Renovation

When it comes to bathroom makeovers in Perth, you’ll have to keep your budget firmly in mind. You can scale your costs up or down depending on what you select. Options include everything from flooring and lighting to tiles for showers and bathtubs. Let’s take a look at the 5 considerations to keep in mind before you commit to your remodeling plan.

  1. Rectified TilingTiling is a major part of any bathroom renovation, and you have many considerations and options in regards to tile colour, grout colour, shade, style and finish. However, your final choice of tile can have a very real bearing on the final cost of your renovation. Rectified tiles are a specialised format of tile often used to compliment the sharp, clean lines desired in a modern bathroom. Rectified tiles are tiles that have been cut in a way to form a perfected and neatened machined edge. Due to this specialised and precise format, rectified tiles need to be laid in a very specific and technical fashion. This technique of laying rectified tiles requires a specialised and patient approach, which, as expected, will result in a higher cost of tiling.
  2. Feature and border tilesWhen receiving a quote for your bathroom renovation, it is very rare that an allowance would have been made for specialty tiling options, such as feature tiles and border tiles. Border tiles are generally an alternate tile laid in a strip (or border) around your bathroom to break up the tiles or to cap the tiling, whereas feature tiling is any tiling indicated as a feature piece. As well as the extra cost for the laying of these tiles, the price of the actual tile is likely to be higher as well, especially if the feature tile is a mosaic piece.
  3. SpasA spa furnishing in place of a bath is generally considered a luxury extra, as it requires not only additional plumbing and electricity but is also a more costly item to supply in general. In comparison to a bath, multi jet spa baths can often be almost ten times the price just for the supply of the item without even beginning to consider the extended cost of installation. If the inclusion of a spa in your final bathroom renovation is what you would consider a necessity, be prepared for a higher final costing.
  4. Designer tapwareLike most furnishings, companies exist that specifically produce high quality tapware for your bathroom. Any branded fitting is going to extend the cost of your renovation significantly, depending on the opulence and notoriety of the brand. Something as simple as a bath spout can range anywhere from the sub $100 mark all the way to several thousand dollars – it all depends on your budget and desired “look.”
  5. Extra fittingsYour bathroom renovation will likely come with a set amount of items; taps, spouts, mixers, basins and accessories. In the event that you want something extra, you will generally find that this will increase the final cost. Extra towel rails or soap dishes will generally incur only small costs, whereas something like the addition of a basin will be larger and require more extensive plumbing and labour.

Any sort of renovation is a costly endeavor, as it involves the breaking down and rebuilding of a room. An easy way to take note of these costs and make sure you remain in budget, is to have an idea and final look firmly in mind so that an accurate quote can be given to you at the beginning of the project, and save you from any hidden costs that slowly build up. In the event that you do begin to decide on extras, make sure you pay all your invoices you receive in order to keep your final invoice at an acceptable level and make the whole bathroom renovation process as stress free as possible.

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